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Two prerequisites to becoming your true self are: releasing your unconscious guilt through forgiveness in your mind, forgiving all illusions because they are just that, illusions, and another is giving up your own pseudo-power and your own rather precarious kingdom. How can you give up your mis-creations if you believe they are God’s will? How can you relinquish your weakness if you believe it is God’s strength? You’ve got to be willing to surrender the idea of authorship to God if you want to be able to share in your real power. Humility is the way - not false humility that says you’re inadequate, but a real humility that simply says God is your only source. You will realize that except for God’s Love you need nothing and he who needs nothing can be trusted with EVERYTHING!

When Jesus made statements like, “of myself I can do nothing” and “the father and I are one”, he wasn’t claiming any kind if specialness for himself. In fact, he was Giving UP any specialness, individuality, or authorship and accepting his true strength - the Power of God.

As far as Jesus was concerned there WAS no Jesus, and eventually there wasn’t. His reality now was that of Pure Spirit and outside of the illusion completely. This reality is also completely outside of the mind that made the false universe, a mind that people mistake for their home of their true oneness. His identity was with God and nothing else. He no longer had to seek for perfect Love for with his many wise choices he had removed all of the barriers that had divided him from the reality of his perfection.

His Love, like God’s, was total, impersonal, non-selective and all embracing. He treated everyone equally, from rabbi to prostitute. He was not a body. He was no longer a human being. He had passed through the eye of the needle. He had reclaimed his place with God as Pure Spirit. This is PURE non-dualism: an attitude that, along with the Holy Spirit (Higher Self), will lead you to what you are. You and Jesus are the same thing, we all are. There IS nothing else, but one needs more training and practice to experience this.

Have you noticed your #dreams becoming more #vivid lately? Perhaps they are more intense with #vibrantcolors and a great deal of action. You might also be dreaming for longer periods of time while you #sleep. If this sounds like you—you are definitely not alone. As the veils thin and new spiritual energies reach the #planet our #vibrational rates are increasing. Sometimes this #manifests as more #vivid dreams. Intense and #vividdreams usually get your attention. They can be filled with lots of emotion and #action. They may also be full of #color and #movement, sometimes appearing surreal. You might even be experiencing more #luciddreams where you are #aware that you are #dreaming. This #phenomenon is happening to many of us. What it truly means in speculative, but there are some theories. As we move into the #AgeofAquarius we are experiencing new #spiritual energies of a #higherfrequency. Our minds, bodies and sprits are adjusting to these new #vibrations and vivid dreams are just one possible indication. The veils are thinning and dreams serve as a bridge between our earthly lives and our new #expanding #consciousness. #highervibes” #Repost from @awakenedconsciouscollective

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