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Always good getting to bump into some of you.
Keep up your good work @koregrudgeboi —- soooo while I was at the youth designers show, guess who came unexpectedly… :D
Shannon!!! ofc I was super surprised!
hope u had a great time at the show! maybe we’ll bump into each other again in the future! ;D it was nice seein u there!

Passing a gorgeous energy grid after a mind blowing 3rd #Astrology class via the gracious insight from @emily.todd
- @the_rock_store

Currently in an #Eclipse Window from the #LunarEclipse last week. Many changes good & bad for people right now. Plenty energy going down, or up. Stepping into the #SolarEclipse next week on/around the 23rd.

The current will guide you. Stay open to the lessons greeting your pathway :) Things tend to be happening this time in our cycle. Accept it if you can. Unless it’s a Pterodactyl. Incoming!🐣😱💃


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